Our students say

Very good app, honestly, this is such a great app. It does graphing which is awesome cause most of them don't. This app is AMAZING when you put in your problem it ask what you want to do with it like , simplify multiply subtract and more but even better you can just take a picture if you dont want to type it is great.

James Doe

Sometimes i get stuck on an equation. Thanks all, if you want it to show work you get the premium or just watch an ad, in the long run, I felt that I am improving, it's also very easy to use.

Bruce Lockett

Easy for students to understand. I scanned some intermediate integration problems and magic it shows every step wise step detailed solution. Thanks now I can learn math better. Keep it up This app.

Donald Romero


Whether it is linear equations being used to describe the relationship between two variables or exponential functions used to understand population growth, math functions can represent countless scenarios.

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